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Impact4Expat Coaching

I come from a rural city and never would I have thought as a child that I would be given the opportunity to get out my country to discover and live within so many different places. I started the discovery at 15 and then it has been now about 30 years of Expatriation, Repatriation, Consecutive Expatriations.

My style is to be an Outsider Within, navigating between local and global. Thrive locally while stepping out of your community and embrace all those “You’s” is where I can help.

Apart from my coaching hat, I am really happy to offer a specific programme for Expats as a licensed practitioner for Adapt & Succeed abroad, a dedicated programme to Expats. Please see the details here

Patricia from Dallas says

Hélène has a wide experience of expatriation and repatriation and knows what you might be feeling right now and what tools might be helpful in the moment. It enabled me to go faster in my adaptation as an expat. It was not just about the Adapt&Succeed Abroad programme, because this is a mindset that can be applied in life in general matters. I think if we keep that in mind, it can be applied in each theme of our life. It is like a muscle that you need to work on. Hélène helped me to go forward by asking questions about my purpose, to better define what I need, and my priorities. She does not let down, with kindness, and shows a high flexibility to the coachee’s needs.”

Women in Transition

If you are at a stage of your life where you want to pause to gain self-awareness, know your soft-skills better and live a more-aligned value life sounds familiar to you, let’s have a conversation around this.  

Social Entrepreneurship Coaching

After years in the banking industry as a relationship manager dedicated to small, medium and large companies, I made a switch in my life in order to be more of service to others. I worked with organizations and social enterprises whose main drivers are empowerment and social and economic inclusion with a holistic approach. By working with social enterprises, I incorporated my love for questioning the purpose or projects or programmes, ensuring there is a call to action and seeing how it can be measured. Being present for your team to equip them better to serve the end beneficiaries is also part of my work (soft-skills awareness, development plan, legacy plan, etc.).

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