Curiosity leads to beautiful discoveries

After discovering last year, the Ecstatic dance as a way to “meditate” for me, I discovered that calligraphy could have the same effects. I cannot really stand still. As an introvert I am already a lot within and I find yoga, meditation, though great tools do not help me as much. I need movement.  TodayContinue reading “Curiosity leads to beautiful discoveries”

Celebrating Lovely Meetings

Monday Smile #bellesrencontres What was a beautiful moment from last week? Quel a été un beau moment pour vous la semaine dernière ? This is the theme work of a beautiful soul I met at a workshop I facilitated last week. Look at this short video Janne as you will see traveled the world withContinue reading “Celebrating Lovely Meetings”

Bowing to a powerless situation and turn it into fun

One of your worst nightmares when living abroad is related to paper work. To which you have absolutely no control on nor power. Every country I lived in, including my birth country, has its little favorite weird administration routine. The difference is that when you are an alien and not in your birth country, theContinue reading “Bowing to a powerless situation and turn it into fun”

Love letter to my beloved introverts,

It was Valentine’s day a few days ago, so let me share my love with you, dear introverts. Few weeks ago, I had to do a work around qualities. As I was scrolling down some list ideas to get inspired by words, I came across a list which was called defaults (which is highly questionableContinue reading “Love letter to my beloved introverts,”


Friday Story We are all part of an ecosystem, even if we cannot see it. Today I would like to share something which has been very insightful to me. I have always had this deep feeling of interconnectedness but the day I understood the relationship between the giraffe and the acacia tree it became veryContinue reading “Interconnectedness”