Love letter to my beloved introverts,


It was Valentine’s day a few days ago, so let me share my love with you, dear introverts.

Few weeks ago, I had to do a work around qualities. As I was scrolling down some list ideas to get inspired by words, I came across a list which was called defaults (which is highly questionable if we consider that the same quality can be helpful in a context and not in another then why mention the word default, but that is another story) and then I saw clearly noted on the defaults list: introverted. What a shock. So today is for my fellow introverts often mistaken for shy people (which is more the fear of being socially judged).

Susan Cain talks about it in a much better way than I do about introverts, under which of course I fall, so I encourage you to have a look at her tedtalk … or her book, the Power of Introverts.

Introversion is no illness; it has to do with how you react to stimulation and what you do to recharge yourself and gain back energy.

We do live in a society that, until now, was more rewarding to the extraverted type. I believe it is changing and it might be a blessing to the pandemic.

As an introvert I need to recharge with alone time, walk into nature. I love small groups with deep and meaningful conversations. Large social events take up a lot of energy as I get overstimulated. Whereas an extrovert will recharge from people, I will most likely end up with low energy after this and will search for alone time to reboost my battery.

Of course, we are not totally 100% one or 100% the other. I navigated well during the pandemic but though an introvert, the fact of not feeling a real new person in front of me got hard at one point. But I never had a zoom fatigue 😊. If you ask yourself that question on how you recharge, that will probably give you a clue on what you fall more into.

I would just bring awareness on this as it seems that we are still mistaken for shys (or weirdos?).

So I am sending you an “Embrace your Introvert Side” hug.

I am also sending a big hug to my extroverts friends as being with someone different challenges you too and makes you see the world with different angles.

“Blessed are those who do not fear solitude, who are not afraid of their own company, who are not always desperately looking for something to do, something to amuse themselves with” ~ Paulo Coelho

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