Friday Story

We are all part of an ecosystem, even if we cannot see it.

Today I would like to share something which has been very insightful to me. I have always had this deep feeling of interconnectedness but the day I understood the relationship between the giraffe and the acacia tree it became very real and concrete to me. I believe it can be related to the work I do so that is why I am also using my blog to write about it.

One of my greatest discoveries while getting to know better the African bush was how the acacia tree worked, its behavior alone but also as part of an acacia community. Yes, I said Community for trees; more so when a group of giraffes comes to eat the fresh leaves (despite Acacia’s large thorns). The acacia lets the giraffe feed itself and then when the tree considers she has had enough, it releases a distasteful tannin and what is even more incredible “sends a message” to its surrounding counterparts so that the giraffe goes much further to carry on feeding itself.

This functioning of the living on something that appears so motionless at first glance is very powerful I found and a revelation of how living is all around us.

Have we forgotten we are part of it?

Then that raises the question: as mammals do we mostly function with a stick? If the acacia doesn’t send out the bad taste to protect its survival, the giraffe doesn’t leave. (I must also admit that the giraffe is no fool and has developed a few tricks to divert the message).

If, we, humans are not forced to reduce our negative effects on the planet, can we really stop on our own will?

I want to believe that we can be more intentional than the stick and the carrot and that no matter how small we start to understand how interconnected we are and grow from it that it will have a positive ripple effect on our planet.

What are your thoughts?

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